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What our students have to say


Went to my first class tonight. Loved it. I can't wait for the next one. It's not intimidating, it's a welcoming environment. Definitely worth going to check it out.
- Lori A.

I took a 2 hour seminar with 2 of my daughters. The strategies they taught in that short time were so easy to learn and practice. The instructors were able to give critique and help us to make adjustments.
As far as a work out? I'm sore today in my core, arms and legs

- Mary M.

Amazing opportunity to gain knowledge and skill in broken-down steps. Novices can train alongside advanced fighters with ease. The adult krav class is fun, exciting and an awesome form of conditioning for the fight of your life. Highly recommended to anyone with the slightest interest.

- Stepan V.

I will not lie to you. This has been a very challenging experience! The workouts are difficult, for me being really out of shape, I struggle just to keep up, but Robert is very knowledgeable and supporting of you while you go on the class! It's never boring so I'm looking forward to continue being challenged!
- Dorali G.

Rob is a great instructor and creates a very positive environment. I have no background in martial arts and I love the training. The sessions are intense without being over-the-top and always have a practical application. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to learn self-defense and get in shape while they do it.
-Joseph S.

I read a book that mentioned Krav Maga, I was interested. I then had a friend of Rob's share his grand opening, so I logged on. An advertisement for Krav Maga Challenge came to me via Facebook so I said why not. I met with Rob and he spoke of health, fitness and never allowing yourself to be a victim. I was a victim once and that statement took the breath out of me. I called my fiancee and said I did it I signed up. I was drawn to it! I've been going to Rob's fitness challenge and Adult classes for 6 weeks. I'm truly addicted. I feel stronger, more confident and I even got a compliment that I look toner. Rob adjusts his class to you personally. I had hand surgery recently and he customized my workout and training so I won't re-injur myself. Rob is dedicated and knowledgeable. He is also hosting a free rape prevention seminar. All around awesomeness! Krav Maga is changing my life.
-Angela T.

I have always been interested in taking self defense but always thought, "I can never do that", or "I'm not in shape enough for that". Then one day An advertisement for Krav Maga Challenge came up on my Facebook feed for a 6 week Krav Maga fitness challenge. I thought about it for about a week and finally said "just do it, it's only 6 weeks!" I met with Rob and he spoke of health, fitness, confidence, and never allowing yourself to be a victim. 6 weeks came & went and I fell in love with it! Now here I am 8 weeks later still going to Rob's fitness/strike force Adult classes. Krav Maga has changed my life and it's safe to say, I'm hooked. I am healthy, I am stronger, and I am way more confident! I have more stability and definitely more energy, I never thought I would be able to come this far. I have a bad knee and Rob modifies any exercise to fit any difficulty you are having and continuously motivating you to keep pushing forward, he is dedicated and knowledgeable. Thank you Rob and Alpha Krav Maga!
-Elena D.