Class Breakdown

Krav Maga Class (Self-Defense)

Our Krav Maga class is geared truly for EVERYONE! Level 1 students begin with the foundation of Krav Maga including; proper stance, movement, proper striking, and a wide variety of defenses. We train everything from how to defend against chokes; how to fight if taken to the ground, knife, gun, stick attacks, training outdoors, in vehicles, etc. No matter the skill, age, or fitness level! 

Kids Krav Maga (Self-Defense)

Lets face it, times have changed and so have our youth! Our kids program has all the health and self defense benefits of the normal Krav Maga program, but delivered in a way that is easily learned by children. Whether you are looking for discipline; self control, or wanting to give your little one the necessary skills to be able to stand up for themselves, our Kids program has the solution!


Adult Sparring Class

This class is offered to students enrolled in our normal Krav Program, and can be attended after the basic foundation skills are in place.