Fighting Chance CQC

Military Training

Fighting Chance CQC is the military division of Alpha Krav Maga Southington. This program is designed and taught to military personnel only. As a Veteran, owner Robert Rand understands how important it is for fellow service members to have an outlet from day to day life. What better way to build yourself up than with those that know what true military training and brotherhood is. 

This program will expand on your current level of training, give you a place to feel at home, and most importantly...skills to keep the “warfighter” mindset.

This is for YOU

If you are looking for something to motivate you; to give you that edge, or simply want to learn to fight like a war fighter, then drop us a message below!


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Our Mission

Alpha Krav Maga Southington strives to be the best martial arts studio for our students and our community. Krav Maga isn't just about punches; elbows, kicks and defenses,  it's about building self-confidence and a sense of self-worth. Empowering our students, whether adult or child, helps instill great confidence so  that they are able to "walk in peace" through everyday life. Regardless of fitness or experience levels, Krav Maga is a fast learned, direct approach when it comes to dealing with any would-be threat. It is my personal promise, to provide the most up to date, and relevant training to all of my Alpha family! 

-Robert Rand

Owner/Chief Instructor

Alpha Krav Maga Southington

*Certified Krav Maga Instructor

*Certified United States Army Instructor

About us

What is Alpha Krav Maga?

Alpha Krav Maga is a new breed of Israeli Self-Defense, fighting and fitness. Alpha Krav Maga is a unique, rapidly expanding and evolving form of self defense designed to empower people of all walks of life.

Robert Rand; Owner/Chief Instructor of Alpha Krav Maga Southington, offers cutting edge training for men, women and children. All while learning in a FUN, ENERGETIC atmosphere!


Whether you are looking to learn self defense techniques at the Southington areas top training center, or wanting to provide a disciplined and fun learning environment for your child, we have a class suited for you!

Our Adult and Kids Krav Maga classes will teach you how fight and protect yourself standing up; on the ground, in a vehicle, and more!! 

Seminars covering Home Invasion; Car Jacking, Active Shooter, Anti-Abduction, Anti-Rape, Gun Defense, Knife Defense, Stick/Bat Defense are some of the training scenarios that we offer.

Don't trust your life to anything less than the best! 

** Law Enforcement and Military Discounts**

Why Alpha Krav Maga Southington?

You are making an investment in not just your health, but your safety as well. See first hand why so many people have chosen us to provide them with the best training around!

Mr. Rand has trained hundreds of military service members and civilians while he was serving in the United States Army. All of which made it home safe and alive from areas of operation around the globe! 

When you need to protect yourself and the ones you love, you will be assured you have the proper knowledge and skill set, for when you are in "the fight of your life!"


Our private training session option is great for those looking to learn Krav Maga, but may need a bit more flexibility with their schedule. Private lessons are a great way to fast track your skills, and allow the student to learn specific techniques unique to them, their job, surroundings, etc.

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